mercredi 4 août 2010

Wendy Narby at Château La Tour de Bessan - Insider Tasting Blog

"The 2009 effect filters through.

Although the prices of the top 5% of Bordeaux wines have left us gasping for breath, the quality of the vintage is not restricted to the top properties. Visiting Margaux today I called in to Château La Tour de Bessan from the Marie-Laure Lurton stable." (...)

"If you are flying home with hand luggage only you can also buy her wines in 100cl ‘WIT’ (wine in tube) a coffret of her 3 Cru Bourgeois wines (La Tour de Bessan in Margaux, Villegeorge, in Haut Medoc and Château Duplessis in Moulis) will set you back less than €20."

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