lundi 14 septembre 2015


With a view to restructuring and concentrating the activity on the properties of:

·        - Château La Tour de Bessan, in the Margaux AOC
·        - Château de Villegeorge, in the Haut Médoc AOC,

the Vignobles Marie-Laure Lurton has sold the property

·         - Château Duplessis in the Moulis en Médoc AOC

to the SCEA FERRIER, whose director is Mr. Philippe Ferrier.

We have been working on closing this transaction since May 2015.
After many meetings between the parties and following an official offer on the 19th June 2015, we are in a position today to announce that SCEA Ferrier has officially taken transfer of the château and its activities.   

This operation was handled by the company Transmillésimes SAS, who carry out fusions and acquisitions, specialising in the wine and spirit industries. The director is Mr Aurélien Dulor who had the exclusivity of selling Château Duplessis and its activities.

Mr Philippe Ferrier, who fell in love with the property and the quality of its wines put in an offer quickly in order to acquire the château situated on 20 hectares.

We are very happy with the plans that Mr Ferrer has for renovating the buildings and the vineyard of Château Duplessis. We wish him all the very best with his ambitious projects which meet the reputation of both the terroir and this magnificent property.

The Vignobles Marie-Laure Lurton will assist the new team in place during a transitory period and will provide all the information necessary to the new management in order for it to run the domain as soon as possible and in the best possible conditions until they are completely independent.

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